About Us

Altura Ventures wants to be your partner - not your vendor.

Altura Ventures' proprietary Transition Advisory Group (TAG) approach to helping the entrepreneur is quite different from the arms-length services offered by the typical consultant, strategic advisor, investment banker, business broker or venture capitalist. The single biggest difference is that our focus is not on billing hours but on building value. While we are willing to charge a project-based fee for our services, the structure that we prefer is one in which our financial rewards are realized when we've help you take your business to the next level.

Ideally, we are interested in a true partnership with the entrepreneur which creates enough added value to offset any dilution that may have resulted from involving Altura Ventures. In that way, our co-ownership stake increases in value right along with yours and we only make money when you achieve your business goals. We also don't accept work from every entrepreneur that comes along because we have to make sure that we believe you really can make it and make it bigger with our assistance than without it.

In addition to Lee Lorenzen, when needed, your TAG Team will include:

  • Experienced software developers, user experience professionals and web designers - because just about every business can grow faster by properly leveraging the Internet and better integrating the appropriate software solutions.

  • Expert advisors in Business Law, Intellectual Property Law (including both copyrights and patents) and Tax Law - because every business is worth more if it properly protects what it owns and creatively keeps more of what it earns.

History of Altura

We founded the company in March 2006, but in a very real sense the company started in January 1980 when our founder Lee Lorenzen quit the Air Force Academy (in essence, the family business) and started his first company - Independent Programming Teams. We've been at the entrepreneurial game ever since and have learned to love the process.

Lee has been fortunate enough to meet and work with great people over the past 31 years and to be able to draw on the talents of several of these A+ players when needed. These include the Altura Ventures Managing Directors: Tom Mallett (Lee's long-time personal, business and tax attorney who has helped Lee create over 20 companies, contributed key ideas to countless contracts, and managed Lee's personal tax and estate planning) and Matt Lorenzen (Lee's oldest son who has worked at SHOP.COM, CrossLoop, Adonomics and KallOut) and employees from some of Lee's prior start-ups: John Grant (Digital Research, Ventura Software, Altura Software, SHOP.COM), Jennifer Olson (Altura Software, CatalogCity.com and SHOP.COM), Beth Reinke (Pancreatica.org, CatalogCity.com and SHOP.COM).

In addition to our TAG Team services, we have a few entrepreneurial ventures of our own to keep us busy. These new businesses help keep our skills sharp and ensure that we are constantly taking our own medicine, measuring its effectiveness and adding new success ingredients to it.


Altura Ventures