UserBliss Browser Add-on Development and Hosting Rate Card

UserBliss LLC offers a variety of software development and hosting services related to its proprietary browser add-on technology. For any company interested in providing their consumers with an enhanced browsing experience over third party web sites (e.g.,,,, etc.) and sharing in the ad revenue that these consumers generate through their search and shopping behaviors, UserBliss offers the following rate card for the development, hosting and maintenance of a customized and 3rd party company-branded browser add-on that works with the most popular browsers:

Tier Development Fee Revenue Share for Company Revenue Share for UserBliss Monthly Maintenance Fee Monthly Bandwidth Cost Per 100,000 Users Browsers Supported Source Code Provided
1 $960,000 70% 30% $5,000 $100 IE, Firefox, Chrome Yes
2 $480,000 60% 40% $5,000 $100 Firefox, Chrome No
3 $240,000 50% 50% $5,000 $100 Firefox, Chrome No
4 $160,000 40% 60% $5,000 $100 Firefox, Chrome No
5 $80,000 30% 70% $5,000 $100 Firefox, Chrome No

For example, if you sign up for the Browser Add-on Development and Hosting service at the Tier 3 level, you will pay UserBliss a $240,000 upfront plus a monthly maintenance fee of $5,000 plus $100 per month for each 100,000 users who are actively using the browser add-on. For this payment, you will receive a customized, company-branded, browser add-on that will work with Firefox and Chrome and for which your company will earn 50% of the revenue that UserBliss collects from monetizing the consumers who have downloaded this version of the browser add-on.

To have an UserBliss Browser Add-on Development and Hosting Agreement sent to you, please e-mail and include your company's executive summary, desired licensing tier, name and phone number.

(Note: This is the UserBliss price list as of 5/1/12. Prices are subject to change without notice.)


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